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INVITATION TO WORK AS A PARTNER PROJECT QUANTUM CREATIVITY CREATIVITY in  art of science and technology AR becomes the best solution to move towards overcoming the current situation of obvious social and cognitive decline. With this bet the project Quantum Creativity want to start with an exploration / promotion of new ideas that go beyond the state of the 'art of science, in order to overcome cognitive biases that limit the arbitrariness of contemporary creative expression in order to generate  a fundamentally new visionary and holisic thinking. capable of actually open the development of innovative and promising adventures  of work on the new communication technologies. View in Facebook:       The specific objective of the Project / Program QUANTUM CREATIVITY to participate in a call FET-OPEN 2014/16 (°). .                                                  The foundations of the generative innovation are derived from cognitive Theoretical research of brain function defined as "Quantum Brain Theory" developed by EGOCREANET in order to identify and seize opportunities for long-term benefit of a profound change in the development of creativity focused to overcome the social and economic crisis that is the cause of the cognitive impairment which consequently prevents the 'emergence and spread of the strategy of development of the KBBE (Knowledge Based Bio Economy) and its profound implications for the future growth of the economy of socially shared knowledge. (*) See Programs FET: other_policies/si0011_en.htm Paolo Manzelli President of EGOCREANET - June 18, 2014 <> -

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